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Asking for help takes a lot of courage.  Our goal is to make therapy a place where you are able to harness that courage, strengthen it, and use it to reach your own goals.  We believe that therapy should be a collaborative process, with you sharing your needs and allowing your therapist to reflect back to you patterns of behavior that get in the way of you living the life that you want.  We strive to create a warm, nurturing, and sometimes even fun environment where you begin to feel comfortable leaning into and learning from emotional experiences.


Our areas of expertise include eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, attachment disorders, and family discord. We use a combination of therapeutic approaches with an emphasis on emotion focused therapy, experiential therapies, and family systems theory.



People often decide to decide to pursue individual therapy in order to work through something in their life that is bothering them or not allowing them to live their fullest. We work with individuals, helping them to change whatever is holding them back and to behave in a way that is in line with their values and their true emotions.  In individual therapy, the change occurs through the relationship with the therapist, and as this relationship develops we are able to uncover new ways of thinking and being. 

During the initial individual therapy session, we learn about why you are seeking therapy and work with you to develop a therapy plan that meets your needs.

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Families exist in relationship to each other and when one family member is struggling all family members may be affected.  Family therapy allows a space for family members to come together to identify troubling family dynamics and find more effective ways to engage with each other.  Family therapy can involve whoever is considered family and with as many or as few family members as necessary.

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Lisa Luse board approved social work supervisor in the state of Maryland.  She has provided supervision for graduate level students and early-career therapists working towards clinical licensure. Please contact Lisa if you are looking for a supervisor.

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When an adolescent is in therapy or there is a change to the family unit it can be helpful for parents to get some guidance on how to best support their child.  Coaching involves working with the therapist to identify ways to help your child as well as how to best communicate with your spouse around rules for your family.


 Call or email to schedule a session or to get more information

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